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Current Obsession: C Wonder

  I don’t know about you but as a kid I always loved going to the candy store with my mom. Pixie Stix, Warheads, Jelly Bellys- smells, colors, excitement. That feeling is what stepping into C Wonder can do for an adult with a shopping problem. Especially an adult that has multiple addictions like myself. … Continue reading

Lust List: August

August is an odd month for shopping. You’re finishing up your summer plans but your mind is set for fall. Cozy sweaters, warmer hues, and curling up in bed for a marathon movie day. August is my favorite month (hint hint birthday hint hint). I love the excitement of back to school shopping and preparing … Continue reading

Drink This, Wear That

So often fashion is inspired by organic elements- water, nature, animals. Trends are born from the color palettes of the Caribbean and the colors of the fall foliage. I however am inspired by food and drinks. This Blueberry-Lemon Cocktail from Camille Styles¬†not only looks delicious and is the perfect drink to kick off your weekend … Continue reading

Current Obsession: ASOS

¬† ASOS is one of those websites where you can always find the item you’ve always needed but didn’t even know it. Packed full of on trend items with great cuts and very affordable prices, ASOS has something for every occasion. I’m loving their casual Peplum tops and plethora of bow items– everyone knows an … Continue reading

Current Obsession: Kate Spade

Any designer that shares my love of bows, glitz, and preppy goodness ranks very high on my list of shopping must-haves. Kate Spade has been getting it right lately with her amazing collections of bows and wedding must-haves. I’m dying over the striped iPhone case, long bow necklaces, and that stunning kelly green bow ring. … Continue reading

Handbag Envy

I’ve got a thing for accessories. Perhaps it’s because I’m a fan of clothing basics– comfortable cotton and simple lines is what I tend to gravitate towards. Bags however is where the fun starts. It’s easy to experiment with color, shape, and texture. Glitzy hardware or simple zippers– handbags allow you to really change a … Continue reading

Behind The Mirror

I’m many things but patient isn’t one of them. Not only is it incredibly hard for me to sit still but I can always think of at least 5 other things that I would rather be doing than getting ready. Therefore, the contents of my makeup bag must be simple, take very little time, and … Continue reading

Lust List: July

The start of July always feels a bit odd to me. It’s the real summer kickoff yet I feel as if I’ve been celebrating for 6 weeks. Bright colors and fun accessories are my main focus this month to pair with crisp whites and deep blues. Getting organized is also a main focus– owning my … Continue reading

In Flight

After 5 years of incredibly frequent LAX -> BOS flights, I’ve got the airport routine down pat: Don’t check luggage. Don’t wear a belt. Slip-on shoes only. Bring a spare pair of cozy socks. Drink tons of water. Wear cozy layers. Light jacket always. iPad stocked with movie rentals & TV shows. Angry Birds is … Continue reading

Mint & Blush

Pastels have been a muse for many Spring and Summer fashion and home collections for good reason. The cool minty hue paired with a warmer blush tone is a wonderful contrast and great way to add some less obtrusive color to your wardrobe. I’m a personal fan of J Crew’s mint jeans and love the … Continue reading