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Fall Accessories Obsessions

My name is Ally, and I have a serious shopping addiction. What do I like to buy you ask? Well, let me tell you– I like to buy everything. Especially jackets, bags, and shoes. Oh, I also REALLY like to buy pillows and kitchen accessories. For the record, I have 11 pillows on my bed … Continue reading

Fall Fever

Now that most of the birthday excitement has worn off and the sugar coma I was in has started to fade, I can’t stop thinking about how excited I am for the beginning of fall. While I hate freezing cold temperatures that don’t accompany a fantastic day of skiing or a white Christmas, the cool … Continue reading

An Ode to Fall and Wisteria

In Hollywood it’s always summer. Even when it is not summer it is summer. You can always run to the beach, no boots or salty cars necessary. On one hand, I love certain aspects of that weather but truly it isn’t for me. I love the idea of the seasons and the different apparel, food, … Continue reading