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The Art of Collecting

I’ve always been a collector. Squirreling away my treasures for safe keeping in little chests, boxes, and trunks- preserving them until the time came to share my favorite items with others. As a child, I had an affinity for Madame Alexander Dolls (my collection included hand-me-downs from my mother and grandmother and those dolls are … Continue reading

Friday Favorites

After a successful stress-relieving Saturday morning run around the Charles, nothing is more rewarding then finishing my journey at Starbucks for a healthy dose of the Times, a freezing glass of ice water, and a Venti Iced Vanilla Soy Latte. What could be better than that adorable face charging towards you as you pick her … Continue reading

Bloggywood Takes Over Hollywood

Since graduating from the fake-world to the real-world my schedule has been completely full of work, sleep and errands with a few bouts of bar crawling behavior splattered randomly into my new adult reality. In an impromptu decision and a great airfare deal from Expedia, J and I will be jetting off to LA on … Continue reading

Let’s Play Ball: Bloggywood Style

As a newly converted in Red Sox fan and avid Fenway Frank enthusiast I have learned the vital and crucial importance of a cultivated batting order. While HGH eye drops may help David Ortiz, I prefer the sans steroids staples that comprise my order. ¬†Every individual has a team of people waiting in the dugout … Continue reading