Current Obsession: Kate Spade

Current Obsession: Kate Spade

Any designer that shares my love of bows, glitz, and preppy goodness ranks very high on my list of shopping must-haves. Kate Spade has been getting it right lately with her amazing collections of bows and wedding must-haves. I’m dying over the striped iPhone case, long bow necklaces, and that stunning kelly green bow ring. I’m literally obsessed. Her invitation frame is adorable and perfect to show of your invite! The black bow belt would be the ideal finishing touch on any tailored dress or to top off the perfect high waisted pencil skirt for fall. The” Mrs.” necklace and tee are adorable and I’m lusting over these for the day after my wedding.

What’s your favorite Kate Spade must-have?

Items: Kate Spade printed tee / Kate Spade long pearl necklace / Kate Spade dot jewelry / Kate Spade jewelry / Kate Spade gold plated jewelry / Kate Spade bow jewelry / Kate Spade tie necklace / Kate Spade tear drop earrings / Kate Spade bow jewelry / Kate Spade thin belt / Kate Spade tech accessory / Belle Boulevard Double Invitation Frame / Illustrated Top Shelf Teapot / Kate Spade / His And Hers / All Wrapped Up Cards




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