Friday Favorites


Fun striped straws and polka dot candy cups perfect for assorted treats and cocktails during wedding festivities.

Sunflowers and Snapdragons make the perfect summer floral arrangement.

An ornate mirrored tray is the perfect way to display some of my favorite jewelry items. It’s also a great reminder to mix in pieces that normally go unused day to day.

Loving J & I’s new monogram stationery from Walnut Paperie. Love the simplicity of it.

One of J’s birthday gifts (Happy Birthday Love!) freshly hung on the wall of his office. Go Huskies!

I’m getting very excited to visit with family next weekend at my bridal shower thrown my my Grandmother, Aunts, and Mom! Making it even more special is that fact that I’ll be wearing a dress that was my mom’s when she was my age.

Loving the balance of this vintage Queen Anne’s chair in the corner of our living room. The funky orange color and details on the arms make it a great colorful addition to our space.



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