Friday Favorites

Having a scenic nature preserve overlooking the ocean in your backyard is one hell of a way to complete your day. Post-work outdoor runs at the Bolsa Chica Nature Preserve are the most calming way to finish of a great day.

Avocado season is in full force and I am enjoying every second of it. Incorporated in breakfast, lunch, and dinner, they are too delicious to pass up!

My animal obsession has hit an all time high and I’ve started bringing white ceramic animals home. This cow creamer was just too cute to leave in on the sale shelf at Target.

After eating a delicious meal in a restaurant it’s always fun to try to recreate that item at home. Inspired by the Bacon Chive Aioli from Red Table last week, I plan to recreate it for our next cook out. It will be amazing on burgers!

A relaxing Sunday spent at the Ocean is the best way to prepare and regroup for the week ahead. It’s very hard to complain with that view.


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