The In Between

Inspirational images are everywhere. They fill the pages of magazines, crop up on blogs and websites, and are ever present on everyone’s newest addiction- Pinterest. But sometimes just being inspired but what is happening around you and savoring the moment is that much better.

It has been an ever changing 6 months around here and I made a decision to be present for every second and enjoy what was happening around me. In December,  J & I got in engaged, we enjoyed the holiday’s with family and rang in the New Year surrounded by people we love. In January, we decided on a venue, booked a photographer, and enjoyed being engaged. In February, J & I took a wonderful trip with his sister E, and her husband. In March, I went on the shopping trip of a lifetime and purchased my dream wedding dress. The kind of dress you dream about when your a little girl and when your vision becomes a reality it shocks you how much better the real life version can be. In April, a new opportunity presented itself for J and we took a leap of faith and moved to California.

Now settling into a new place, and a new routine, I am back to share some  of my new adventures.

Thanks for reading!


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