Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

The Holiday season is finally here! After almost a year of waiting, I am so excited that all of the fun that accompanies Christmas has arrived. In my house, tradition is a huge part of Christmas and a lot of that surrounds the way we decorate our tree. From the initial hunt at the tree farm (last year I went to literally 4 tree farms before I chose the perfect one), the ornaments that hang on it, and the way that it is decorated– the Christmas tree is quite the elaborate process.

Each and every ornament on our tree has a meaning. It was either my grandmothers, hand-picked by my Mom and I, or given to us a gift- these ornaments represent us as a family. I can’t wait to begin the search for 2011’s tree… I am sure that it will be the best one yet! But until I can unveil this year’s Holiday decor, here are some of my family’s trees from the past several years:




I can’t wait to pick out this year’s tree! What about you? How do you decorate for the Holidays?


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