Friday Favorites

My great curly straw courtesy of my office and my ever fabulous Princess sippy cup. I like to think of this as the perfect adult beverage sippy cup!

I love my girl! She is so good in the car and loves to go for rides and snuggle in your lap. It is just the best.

First Shipyard Pumpkin Ale of the season! What a great treat and perfect way to ring in the arrival of Fall. I have to say, I think that they taste better when you are sitting in front of a hot fire!

Great fire built by R and J at B’s family farm in the Berkshires. Such a beautiful place and such great people. Simply perfection to be able to relax in such a breathtaking place.

Delicious grilled corn and ribs at the farm! According to C, the secret of his ribs is the indirect grilling method. I suggest everyone try it as they were perfectly cooked and seasoned!

My Minnie Mouse watch that J got me in Disney is seriously the worlds best mood lifter in the world. Not only has Minnie on it, but its pink and sparkly combo is equal parts ridiculous and awesome.

Great vintage elephants that I found while braving the rain and scouring through 1.1 miles of vintage antiques for a work project. It was my first Brimfield experience and I was not dissapointed. Among many less than stellar “vintage” items were some truly amazing gems. Highlights were a box of vintage photos, carefully protected Christmas ornaments, authentic stein mugs with the very first Budweiser horses, a very cute buddha statue, and the most amazing collection of tea cups, mirrors, and vintage armoires that I have ever seen.

A successful dress/shoe/bag closet transition from Summer to Fall. The second it hits labor day, I am ready to retire my bright whites and bring out my rich jewel tones and cashmere sweaters. Fall is my favorite time of year and I am ready to enjoy it!

Happy Friday!


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