Friday Favorites

My very first trip to Vera Wang with E for her first of three fittings was a massive success! I wish I could share pictures of her dress (she looked stunning in it) but those will have to wait until post wedding (only 29 days to go)! I found the experience of being in a space with so many beautiful and incredibly expensive things to be both overwhelming and really exciting. Dress spotting the gowns worn by the famous (Chelsea Clinton, Kate Hudson in Bride Wars, Kim Kardashian) was also a very fun part of the trip!

Compliments of Neiman Marcus, I found the packaging on this water given to me at my dress fitting for E’s wedding, to be quite interesting. Alterations are no joke– it took over an hour to rework the entire dress but I know the end result will be worth it!

Delicious Mac N’ Cheese from one of my favorite restaurants in Cambridge, Lord Hobo.

Fun items from my company’s re-branding celebration! Great sugar high/coma awesome glasses, and drinking water out of a curly straw! Love!

Sweet card from my Grandmother. Getting mail is always great- especially from someone you miss!


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