Pumpkins: The Transformation From Jack-o-Lantern to Chic Treat

Growing up, I looked at pumpkins as being good for only two things: carving and decorating. As a person who finds “coloring inside the lines” difficult- you can only image what my childhood pumpkins looked like. While I don’t have an exact depiction, this is pretty close:

With the impending arrival of Fall and all of its contraband- an abundance of new types of Pumpkin products have been catching my eye. A variety of breads, spices, pies, muffins, pancakes, waffles, cakes, pasta sauces, and butters have turned up in gourmet markets and high end restaurants.

One of my favorite uses for pumpkin is for the presentation of warm fall soups. Taking small pumpkins, hollowing them out, and then using them as serving dishes seems so clever to me. Especially when you get to keep the seeds and roast them with sea salt, truffle oil, or crushed red pepper after all is said and done.

While pumpkins are great to eat and fun to decorate with, I find that a day long trip to the pumpkin patch to select my own pumpkins off of the vine is one of the best parts of fall. Last year, J and I went to Tougas Farm and had a great time picking out pumpkins, apples, and enjoying cider! I can’t wait to go back again this year!

What is your favorite way to celebrate Fall?


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