Fall Fever

Now that most of the birthday excitement has worn off and the sugar coma I was in has started to fade, I can’t stop thinking about how excited I am for the beginning of fall. While I hate freezing cold temperatures that don’t accompany a fantastic day of skiing or a white Christmas, the cool breeze and smell of fall in New England is my favorite time of year. The perfect blend of cozy sweaters, burned orange leaves, and the anticipation of the first fire of the year are all things that I can 100% get behind. Here are some of the activities I am most excited for:

Fall Colored Manicure and Pedicure

Image via Refinery 29

While I love a pretty coral or a bright pink, I am loving the muted beige, brown, and sage green hues of fall. With their rich colors and matte finish- I can’t wait try these new colors!

Cozy Fires in our Wood Burning Stove

One of the best features in our townhouse- and the main reason that we chose it- is the cast iron wood burning stove in the corner of our living room. Having a working fireplace in Boston is such a rare luxury that when we saw this townhouse- we knew it was perfect for us. I never thought I would feel this way, but I actually can’t wait until it gets cold enough to light the stove!

Homemade Chicken Soup and Beef Stew

As a little girl, Christmas was spent at my Grandparents house in Fredericksburg, VA helping my grandmother cook, my mother wrap presents, and watching Meet Me In St. Louis while eating toaster waffles smothered in powdered sugar. Those memories are some of my favorites and I love to honor them and my grandmothers recipes by making her Chicken Soup and Beef Stew.

I make my chicken soup chock full of curly egg noodles just like she does, and my beef stew is always delicious and its amazing smell is one of the best complements to a cold day.

Football Sunday

I think J may have a heart attack and drop dead out of sheer happiness that I included his favorite thing on the blog. As a huge Patriots fan, J demands that each and every Patriots game be broadcasted in some way in our house. Growing up, football Sunday meant spending quality time with my family, helping my mom cook a delicious meal, eating tostitos chips with queso dip (one of my favorites), and just being together.

Now it means J making a delicious chili (with me helping as sous chef), ice cold beer, Tom Brady jerseys aplenty, Buffalo Chicken Dip, and a house full of guys screaming at the TV. This year will be my first in a fantasy football league which I can’t wait to start. I think the competition and my rise to the top as team Shiva Somakandarkram (for those of you that watch FX’s, The League, you will know what this means) will be a great way to get into the actual games and not just the food.

But, I am not going to lie. I am 100% the most excited for the delicious chili!

Fall Clothing

My main theory with clothing is that if it isn’t comfortable– I’m not buying it. Whether you’re sitting at a desk for 9+ hours, enjoying a nice dinner, or relaxing with family at home- your clothing should never be uncomfortable. Fall staples such as warm sweaters, soft knits, and worn jeans are some of my favorite items to wear as they all support my rule of comfort. Bring on the jackets and boots- I am ready for a little chill in the air.


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