Birthday Reflections

While I love a good celebration, a delicious meal, beautiful things hanging my closet, and the luxury of living my life the way that I want, the most important and valuable thing that I cherish day in and day out are the friends and family that I love and who unconditionally support me in all of endeavors. I am so blessed to have a family who loves and supports my successes, failures, and love for all things ridiculous. I know that not everyone has a mom who wakes up at 5AM to read their blog posts and comment as soon as they get posted live. I know how blessed I am to have J, the kindest, hardworking individual I have ever met, who puts up with my intense hatred for getting out of bed each and every morning, who has taken on my love of Disney, and who tirelessly supports me and encourages me to be a better person. I feel so proud to be surrounded by lifelong friends and sisters who despite arguments and tears, have stood by me no matter what stands in the way (including 3,000 miles of distance and periods of absence).

With another year completed, I felt that I had to take a minute to remind myself that friends and family are the greatest gift of all. Without them none of this would be possible. My challenge to myself in this upcoming year of my life is to remember to pay it forward, pass on the blessing of being surrounded by great individuals and to appreciate every moment- good or bad. Because as my step-dad B always says, “Enjoy the journey“.


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