Skull Obsessed

I don’t know what about this morbid symbol that I find so appealing, but I find myself lusting after items adorned with the skull and crossbones a lot lately. Here are my top three skull obsessions:

Lauren G. Adams Mini-Skull Bangles

Perfect for layering (my favorite way to wear anything and everything) these bracelets are perfect for summer or fall. I am really in love with the idea of wearing both the black and white version together.

Alexander McQueen Skull Scarf

Perfect with a buttery leather jacket in the fall, an over-sized cashmere sweater in the winter, or a simple white dress in the summer- this scarf is a classic. It almost makes me wish that Kate Middleton had rebelled against the crown and had Sarah Burton add a skull sash to her now seen around the world wedding dress. That would have been completely bad ass- and I would have had to make her my new best friend.

Toms Shoes-Beaumont Skull Slip-On

After seeing these shoes in person last year- I couldn’t stop thinking about them. Then I realized that they are for men and I would need a size 5.5/6 to make them work. Unfortunately finding them in such a small size has proved to be a really difficult process. Regardless- these are the only type of toms that I would ever wear.


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