Summer TV Roster

There is always a little bit of sadness when your favorite shows all take summer hiatus. For me, the hour I can just sit and watch a show and de-stress with a glass of wine is precious and for the last month I have really missed having this. Luckily, some of my favorite shows are returning for what appear to be fantastic summer seasons. Here is my list of fun must see Summer TV:

Franklin & Bash- Wednesdays at 9PMEST on TNT

Not the sharpest show in the world– but I still manage to find this show entertaining. Meshing my love for mindless TV and crime/legal shows Franklin & Bash is the perfect combination.

True Blood- Season 4 begins June 26 at 9PMEST on HBO

Whether it is the violence, relationship drama, mystical allure, or suspense that draws you into True Blood it is a very hard show to stop watching. When I look back on the previous 3 seasons, I can’t remember an episode where my mouth wasn’t hanging open and I wasn’t asking myself “What the F just happened?”. Vampires, werewolves, and maenads, oh my! I am really excited to see what is coming for Sookie and her powers and my True Blood favorite, Lafayette.

Royal Pains- New season premieres Wednesday, June 29 at 9/8C on USA

Turned on to this show by A– I never seem to get enough. Inspired by my hometown, I like to see the unrealistic over dramatization of the Hamptons. I equally enjoying telling J at every turn how “unrealistic” a depiction is or how “that’s not really there”.

Entourage- Season 8: The Final Season premieres Sunday, July 24 at 10:30pm EST on HBO

The thought of no more Ari and Lloyd banter makes me truly sad. While the seasons of Entourage always feel short and fleeting, the final season will feel even more so. With ONLY 8 episodes in the seasons– the last 4 hours of Entourage better feature an Ari and Mrs. Ari reconciliation (as well as maybe we can give Mrs. Ari a first name) and a Sloane and E wedding (even though she is far too pretty for him). After a great build up of a great series I hope this farewell won’t disappoint.

Real Housewives of New Jersey

I have always been a fan of parts of the Real Housewives series (NY and BH) and especially of Mr. Bravo– Andy Cohen. I don’t know if it’s just beginning to feel like the exact same drama on a loop or if the problems and lives of these women get more ridiculous (even their still cast photos are ridiculous), but these shows get harder and harder to watch. At times– I have to actually fast forward through parts of this– but alas, I’m still viewer. If you like mindless drama (US Weekly for TV) then RHO:NJ is perfect for you.


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