Lust List: June

I am 100% a creature of habit. Once I begin obsessing over something I rarely stop. I choose my meals mainly based on cravings and in most aspects of my life these cravings stick and become recurring favorites. Here are some things that I am currently obsessing over:


I am not sure what it is that makes me love peonies so much but I think that they are starting to rival Sunflowers and Lilacs as my favorite flower. They are just so fragile and beautiful and their scent is really just amazing. I think my next mission is to find some sort of peony infused perfume (if that exists).

Farmer’s Markets

I don’t know whether it is the intense mixture of colors and textures or the fact that all of the food in front of me is the freshest quality possible- but farmers markets get me every time. I love the idea of buying from local businesses and the fact that my food is straight from the farm to the table. Sweet tomatoes, fresh corn, fragrant herbs, and sweet berries all inspire me to make amazing meals. For Mother’s Day I got my Mom a farmer’s market cookbook from Williams-Sonoma and each week we choose a new meal to create together (via phone long distance) with fresh ingredients from both of our respective markets.


Image via Cook Almost Anything

I don’t know what got into me, but for the last month all I ever want to eat is sushi. For lunch and dinner it is literally all I want to eat– especially from Haru– a Boston Sushi favorite. Spicy Tuna, Spicy Salmon, Salmon and Avocado, and the ever amazing Spicy Titanic (Spicy Tuna topped with Salmon and Avocado topped with Caviar). Filling and delicious, spicy and salty– Sushi has really become my go to for all meals.

True Blood

The drama, action, romance, violence– not usually my type of show but I am completely in love with True Blood. It took me until season 3 to be interested in the show but would never miss an episode now. Can’t wait until June 26th when season 4 premieres!


From fashion to decor I am loving the chevron look. When I first saw the above bikini at H&M and then realized it cost a whopping ($4.95 per piece) I literally ran clutching it to my chest to the check out line. Thank god that the last suit in literally the city of Boston was just my size.

via thesubstanceofstyle

In interior design I think that the chevron pattern offers a clean but unique and different look. From the rug in the entryway to the stunning back splash in the kitchen– chevron always looks amazing!

via Coco Cozy

Bright Colors

From organic elements, to nail polish, to fashion– the bright hues of summer are just appealing to me in every way. I am especially loving the idea of fresh cut flowers in a vase with lemons and limes.

Hot Pink Maxi Skirts

Image via A Butterfly By Day

I saw this skirt at Anthropologie in the Spring and while I fell in love with it, I felt that it wasn’t a piece I would often wear so I sadly walked away for it. Since then, I have gone to countless stores searching for an alternative to this skirt which is no longer available. The color is so rich and bright and the luxe material makes the skirt perfect for Spring and Summer. If you know of a great hot pink maxi skirt– let me know!


Zara really knocked it out of the park this Summer with their collection. The structured blazers, vibrant colors, and accessories are all perfect and I could do serious damage to my wallet on any given day with this collection.


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