Monogram Madness

“A monogram makes something your own and endows it with weight in a world full of random things”- Isaac Mizrahi

I have to agree with Mr. Mizrahi– there is just something so appealing to me about a monogram. On a towel, on your favorite quilt, shoes, bags, cell phones– I just really would put my monogram on it all. Not only do I find typography absolutely beautiful and the scrawling looping script of a monogram so fluid, but the allure of having something be uniquely yours is just perfection. Below are some of my favorite monogrammed items:

Preppy Plates

Perfect for a girls champagne brunch and relaxed summer dining I love this ultra feminine dining collection. The Lucite tray in Milbank Prep is by far my favorite and is the pattern I went with when I bought it from Joss & Main. When I get my dream closet, I can just picture this with perfume and assorted small silver bowls of jewelery with a mix of candles and small silver frames.

Luxury Monograms

There is nothing that I dislike about this brand. Every single product on their site is adorable and I want to own every product. Perfect as an accent on an ultra plush bed, or a bright burst of color on your favorite reading chair, the monogrammed pillows are such a classic look. This one is adorable and certainly fueling my current Chevron obsession.

Just in time for beach and pool outings, the Luxury Monograms tote is simple and elegant. Crisp canvas in a great color is the perfect summer accessory.

Jack Rogers Monogrammed Sandals

Since I first saw these beauties I have been obsessing over them. I have already begged J on multiple occasions to please get them as my birthday gift this year. I am already picturing all of the outfits that would be complete with the addition of these shoes. In neutral bone color they are perfect with almost every outfit. But for some reason my pink obsession is taking over and I am loving the Fuschia color.

Nico and Lala

I can just see this as the perfect addition to summer entertaining for anyone. I know that it would come in handy at my house where there is constantly an ice shortage. I am loving the fun nautical look as well.

It’s a wine chiller– I think that is all that needs to be said about that.

Dani Notes

How perfect would that case look with “Alexandra” on it? While a cell phone case seems like a small item to customize, I think that is a fun way to have a bit of color in your daily life. J bought be the most adorable Kate Spade case (can be found here) which I feel adds the perfect bright summer touch.

In a world where iPhones are so popular– the personalized case keeps yours from getting lost in the shuffle and the bright colors are the perfect way to make your phone stand out in the bottom of your bag.

Au Lit Fine Linens

When I first saw this brand featured in Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere’s bedroom, I really fell instantly in love. I don’t think that their is anything more amazing then getting into a crisp white bed at night. As a big fan of soft linens, I think Au Lit is the perfect way to complete a simple and elegant look.


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