My Flokati Obsession

I have to admit that I am not really a carpet or rug person. Hardwood for me all of the way. I think this is most likely a product of my upbringing as Mim doesn’t feel the carpet vibe. When we first got Charlie we lived in an apartment which had wall to wall carpet and it was a NIGHTMARE. Let me rephrase, it was an absolute living hell. After we escaped the berber hell, I couldn’t even wrap my brain around buying rugs or being anywhere that had a rug. Now that she is older and more mature she has evolved from ruining carpet (I hope), I slowly feel a gravitational force pulling me in the direction of rugs.

When I started to becoming interested in design I fell in love with an adorable set of Flokati pillows from West Elm.

Not only did these lovelies gain a coveted seat on my bed, they also temporarily calmed my intense desire to purchase decorative pillows that I don’t need. Now that I stare at glossy shelter magazines all day and beautiful blogs my design bug is more active than ever. On the site today we are running an amazing event on animal skin and flokati rugs and I am dying for the white flokati.

Below is my design inspiration that fueled my obsession. Now my dilemma is do I feed my desire for this rug or do I stay rug less? What a crisis!

Amazing bedroom from my favorite couple John and Sherry over at Young House Love:

And another:

One more:


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