Roving Mammoth: Skiing and Food Taken to the Next Level

The food truck craze has slowly made it’s way onto my radar. As a child in Montauk, NY I was accustomed to running over to the “Ditch Witch” food truck for breakfast sandwiches and ice cream. Back in 1997-1998 the Ditch Witch was considered a “gourmet” food truck with burritos and veggies.

In Boston, the Clover Food Truck has advanced that to a whole new level — combining rich and hearty soups with top of the line ingredients. I follow Clover on Twitter and see the up to the hour location tweets– anxiously awaiting my next run to the truck.

Today, my food truck world was rocked. Everything I thought I knew about the food truck movement was completely turned on its head by the Roving Mammoth.

If you are shocked looking at that picture and have no idea what it is, let me clarify what you are looking at. That my friends is a snowcat/food truck innovation. And it is AWESOME. When I visited Mammoth over Valentine’s Day in 2009, I fell in love with all of their food and beverage options. I loved drinking around the open fire pit in an open air bar or eating amazing fresh fare at Tamarack Lodge. The options in Mammoth Lakes, CA are endless and amazing. Now with the addition of Roving Mammoth— the entire mountain is covered with food and beverages.

Serving up both breakfast and lunch burritos (including a green chili/egg/beans/salsa morning wrap) and beverages a plenty (soda, water, energy drinks) this amazing food cat will be “roving” chair lifts 4, 9, 12 and 23 and parking at the bottom of the lift for some “grab and eat on your way up” fare. Once the venture is up and running smoothly the cats will expand to serve churros stuffed with cream cheese and strawberries. YUM YUM YUM.

If the logistics of the truck itself are puzzling you– the cats will be equipped with a metal grate over one side of the snowcats treads. A small staircase will be fitted over a metal grate allowing you to walk straight up to the typical window to order your burritos and drinks!

Mammoth also just added a new “non-roving” restaurant Waffle’wich Co. their “fresh-off-the-press” waffle sandwich concept. The thought of eating a warm waffle sandwich while freezing in the Sierra Nevada’s sounds pretty awesome. Menu highlight: the Sierra Strawberry & Cream waffle’wich.


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