20×200: Unique and Fabulous Only Please

Unique, fabulous, cheap, gorgeous, addicting, virtual flea market of amazing- all of those words describe only one thing: 20×200 .

If you have no idea what this site is and you enjoy one of the following (flea markets, vintage art, unique art, art in general) this website will be your heaven. A classier version of Etsy featuring just stunning and original art for a great price ($20) you could fill your walls with authentic art that means something to you. I especially love the 20×200 motto, “Art doesn’t have to be expensive to be good”. What a true statement. After stumbling across this art heaven, I now find myself completely addicted. J- I am sorry for whatever art starts to arrive on our front porch- I have no idea where any of this will be going yet!

Some standout pieces from 20×200:

Ideal Bookshelf 102:Cooking by Jane Mount

The World by Paula Scher

Sugarcoat by Michelle Hinebrook

BG-0004 by Bert Teunissen

Untitled (Mott Street) by Alison Grippo

La Paz, Bolivia by Stefan Ruiz

The Sledding Hill (Dusk) by Joseph O. Holmes


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