Lust List: January

Starting of 2011 with a bang and a whole new set of resolutions I may will keep– there are a few items that I am currently coveting. I can finally change up the list however, since I received my long coveted Empire Red Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer for Christmas!

Isn’t it SO Pretty?

Moving on– new year, new outlook, continuation of 2010’s hobbies. So here is my January Lust List:

Canon Digital Rebel

When J was asking me over Christmas what I really was dying to have I said I would kill for this camera. Then I used my brain and Googled the price and that was that. With a massive price tag, this camera is certainly a long term investment that you have to really want. And boy— do I want it! I hope that by next January I will be able to take this pretty little investment off of my Lust List and have it tucked comfortably into my life.

Chalkboard Decal

In April or May, our apartment is getting a brand new kitchen thanks to my amazing landlord. We are getting all new appliances, granite counter tops and and Island! To spruce up my new kitchen I would love to include this rental friendly chalkboard into my kitchen decor. I think it would look great with my Wisteria spice rack (see here)

Boston Organics

In the vein of being healthier and my pseudo hobby of packing lunch daily, this service would be a giant time saver and help me eat better overall. If you don’t know what Boston Organics is– here is the scoop: A Boston based fruit and vegetable delivery service that brings a mixed box of fresh and local when possible fruits and veggies (other add on products available) to your door. With customizable options of what items you prefer and in what ratios you can opt to never receive a certain item or to always receive it. To learn more about why I am desperate to get this service see here!

Lululemon Run:Inspire Crop Pants

Every. single. morning. I am tortured walking past Lululemon in the Prudential Center on my way to work. And every. single. morning. I tell myself I do not really want these pants. But the plain and simple truth is that I do. Working out just feels better when you wear these pants. Hot yoga just feels better in their shorts. Now that I am on my daily gym routine I think I will certainly need these pants to keep the gym trend alive!

WiFi for our Apartment

Yes, you read that correctly. J and I do not have wireless internet at home. When Comsucks Comcast came to install our cable/internet they claimed that they forgot the router and would be back. Well that clearly never happened. So now J and I have an ethernet cord that doesn’t fit the MacBook Air hooked up to my old slow computer in the corner. Can you say giant pain in the butt for me please? In January, I MUST get wireless. Hopefully, I will not have to sit in the corner “in my own little chair” Brandy a la 1997 Cinderella style anymore.


One thought on “Lust List: January

  1. I WANT that produce delivery. Just went on their site and left a comment. They don’t deliver here. There is an organic supplier at home that has a central pick-up area for the places they don’t deliver to – you can just go there to get your box. Hey, maybe I could have a box delivered to your place or maybe we could split one???? Let me know 🙂 And once again, I had an awesome time with you guys last weekend!

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