Oh The Places I Will Go…

Now that the Holidays are over and Boston is just plain freezing for at least three more months (minus all of the Christmas spirit); I start to get the travel bug. As a natural born planner, I am always in need of a project to occupy my time. Right now it is “planning” trips. Day trips, weekend trips, fantasy trips. All I need now is an unlimited income and a private jet. Easy to fix– no? Some are easily attainable trips, some are not- but oh, the places I will go…


In my dreams I am on the plane on my way to the perfectly crafted French Onion Soup with REAL butter and amazing baguettes. Every single part of France interests me- the countryside, the beach, the cities. I want to explore tall, small and everywhere in between. I am currently infatuated with the idea of buying a one way ticket and wandering around Europe with no plan and see as much as I can from museums, shops, restaurants, cathedrals– essentially everything.

Las Croabas, PR

The El Conquistador Resort in Las Croabas is the most relaxing hotel I have ever been to and I am dreaming about going back. Every aspect from the spa to the pool to the beach that is the resorts very own private Palamino Island are ideal. The several swim up bars with very generous bartenders and waiters on the beach willing to bring your drink to your chair make this even better.

On my walk down the “ice tundra block” on my daily walk to work, I pretend I am in one of those chairs and my now cold coffee is really a Pina Colada with a Meyers rum floater. A girl can dream right?

Las Vegas, NV

To celebrate my 21st birthday, My Mom, Step-dad, J and I had the opportunity to visit Vegas for a quick three day trip. When planning the trip I thought that three days would be plenty to see everything that I was interested in, but boy was I wrong. That was two years ago almost and I have been dying to go back ever since. I loved the people watching, site seeing, shows, cuisine, shopping and the atmosphere in general. I also learned that I have a bit of a lucky streak with Black Jack. Unfortunately, my luck did not translate to all other gambling games and my Mom was the slot machine Queen of the weekend.

On our last trip we had the pleasure of staying at the Bellagio with a gorgeous view of the Fountains. After exploring several hotels I would have to say that when I go back again, the Bellagio will have my business. The Wynn was amazing, Mirage was great as well, not a fan of Caesars– but the draw of the fountains and the entire atmosphere was just perfect for me. My only wish for my next trip is that we would stay a bit longer– more like 4 full days and 4 nights. I also will NOT be checking my bags after Southwest “forgot” to put J’s bag on the plane and we had to wait an extra hour and a half until it arrived on the next flight.

Vail, CO

Of all of the destinations that I am dreaming about in my head right now, I think that going to Vail is the one that I truly pray I can make happen this winter. Not only is the town amazing with so much to offer– the mountain is one of the most breath taking and adrenaline fueling experiences in the world. Vail is a massive mountain (5,289 acres) that can be broken down into three parts– Front Side, Back Bowls and Blue Sky Basin.
My favorite is the back bowls which if you are a ski/powder enthusiast is quite the experience. South facing, the bowls (Game Creek, Sun Down, Sun Up, Tea Cup, China, Siberia, and Mongolia (Inner and Outer))are drenched in sun and provide 600 vertical meters of pure powdery goodness.

With Vail Village designed after European Zermatt- the snow drenched magic really comes to life. With all of the recent additions to the resorts and the mountain in the area there are so many things to do, see and eat and I am ready to participate in them all! Perhaps even full time 🙂

San Francisco and Napa (Still), CA

I need a little food and a little culture in my life. I need to wander streets with great food, wine, shops and just sit in the sun for a little bit. Napa– enough said. If it is not obvious why I am desperate to go see here:


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