My love-hate relationship with pajamas

First and foremost I am not a morning person. To say that I “dislike” the morning would be a gross understatement for my behavior before 10AM. It is shameful and embarrassing and I have been known to yell insane profanities, make people cry and unknowingly hit whoever is trying to get me out of bed. It is not a conscious behavior… it is just the way I am and the way I have always been. It is my constant work and progress and hopefully before I turn 30 I will get to a place where the morning doesn’t make me want to commit a felony.

Moving on from that, the morning is the slowest time for me because of my favorite thing: pajamas. Not only are they warm and cozy but they are just so much more comfortable than regular clothes. Why would I ever want to get up when I know I have to get out of my pajamas? This is where the hate part of the relationship comes in. I know that I need to get up and get moving and forget the comfortable clothes yet the pajamas lure you in and make it impossible. Plus they come in so many colors and varieties you can have different ones for every season and interest, and let me tell you… I do.

The other reason that I love pajamas is because of the Holiday season. All that know me are aware of my two biggest obsessions (besides food) and they are… drum roll please… Christmas and Minnie Mouse. Surprise Surprise! Since I was a little girl I have counted down since my birthday in August to Christmas. One of my family’s staple traditions is the “Rudolph fly by” where each member of the family gets a perfectly wrapped pair of pajamas. Each year I look forward to my Christmas pajamas and anxiously await their delivery on my doorstep.

From traditions to relaxation and comfort pajamas are an integral part of my daily routine. And as such that is the biggest issue in our love – hate relationship. Once they go on– they aren’t coming off, making it really hard to get up and ready on Monday morning and also causing really awkward looks in the CVS checkout line.

Anyone else have this problem?


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