A Modern Family is the Best Family

For those that don’t know what Modern Family is or haven’t watched the show, what is wrong with you? You are seriously missing out on a truly hysterical experience. Modern Family is by far the best TV family I have seen in awhile; and I actually will broaden my statement and say Modern Family is the best family on TV in general. What is better than a band of ridiculously large personalities that encapsulate all of the crazy that lurks in every family?

While there are so many reasons that I love this show I think the biggest reason is that I can identify with many of the characters and their experiences. I mean, who hasn’t destroyed their home with a tennis racket while Ave Maria gloriously plays in the background? But seriously, this family lives real life. It is dirty, messy, rude, funny, sad and happy all rolled into one and I think that everyone should be able to relate to that part of the family.

That being said, I am 100% on my way to becoming Claire Dunphy. Not only am I ridiculously type-A, have blonde hair and occasionally cry for no reason, I just know that I am going to become her once I have my own kids because my Mom is Claire Dunphy and so is my Grandmother. Exhibit A: When Claire is working on taking the family portrait she sees a nick on the stairs that really STANDS OUT and Phil hasn’t fixed it. Insisting that it must get done, she tries to do it herself, ruins the stairs and takes out 10 pictures while doing it. This is a very me moment. Exhibit B: In the season 2 premiere when Claire and Phil are reminiscing about their fossil of a station wagon, Claire starts hoarding junk and won’t throw it out because all of those items are memories. I myself have saved every card I have ever been given. While these are only two snapshots into my Claire Dunphy-ness, I can assure you there are SO many more. Luckily for me, I think Claire Dunphy rocks and am so not ashamed.

I also am in love with the Pritchett-Tucker family and everything they do. My all time favorite modern family moment involves their family in the pilot episode. For those that have met J, they know that he is obsessed with Charlie. He also has an odd obsession with holding small dogs over his head and singing the Lion King theme song like our dog is baby freakin’ Simba. It is a hotly debated issue in my house if the dog likes it or not but hey, that’s a totally different story.

Anyways– The moment when Mitchell is telling the family about baby Lily and Cam walks out holding Lily like baby Simba but playing the Lion King was all to strikingly real to me. Had I seen this moment before? Oh yeah– everyday for the past 3 years. Not gonna lie, I love every single second of it. When the spotlight comes up on Lily to enhance the dramatic effect of the event and Cam exclaims, “I can’t turn it off, this is who I am!” my life became complete. For better or worse, a family is a family, people are who they are and I relate to that whole batch of crazy in a new way.

If you haven’t watched– I hope you will because I promise you will love it. Tune in tonight and every Wednesday on ABC at 9/8 Central!


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