In the Pursuit of Good Food and Good Times

Lately I have been restless. Restless sleep, restless relaxation, restless in my apartment. I have to constantly be doing, changing, organizing and just in general getting my life in order. In an effort to feel less restless I am working on my main mission this Fall which is to seek out things that I love. Currently that obsession is centered around food and travel. This means begging and pleading with J to A) try new foods (both homemade and in restaurants) B) try to enjoy all of my gourmet markets, farm stands, farmers markets and orchards and C) plan several amazing trips this year.

Currently my Food and Travel obsessions are as follows:

Farm Fresh Tomato

For many years I wouldn’t even look at a tomato let alone it eat. Now I can’t get enough: cherry, Roma, green, yellow, beefsteak, vine ripe– I will take ’em. If I see the tomato and it looks good I buy it. My fridge currently has at least 5 varieties housed in its crisper. My obsession doesn’t end with just raw tomato- it extends to homemade tomato sauces, pork chops simmered in tomato, chili, my own homemade oven dried tomato and my most recent endeavor canning tomato.

Thanks to Jacob’s Kitchen I now have an amazing Oven Dried Tomato Recipe to experiment with this weekend after I drag J all over Eastern Massachusetts looking for the perfect tomatoes.


Growing up in East Hampton I was always surrounded with a plethora of U-pick pumpkin patches and a deck in which to carve my hideous creation. In the city, I can either buy a gross one from Trader Joes (which sold out last year to my dismay) or drive to the burbs and find a U-pick farm. This year, I opted for the drive to pick out my PERFECT pumpkin! I can’t wait and already have 45 ideas for how I am going to roast all of my yummy pumpkin seeds (massive quantities of salt are part of all of my ideas).

In addition to by obsession with actual pumpkins (I already have a mini pumpkin on my desk) I am also devouring anything with pumpkin in it.

Godiva Pumpkin Truffles

Williams Sonoma Pumpkin Butter

Williams Sonoma Pumpkin Parmesan Sauce

Building off of the Pumpkin Parmesan Sauce is my dinner idea for homemade Gnocchi tossed in the above orange perfection with a large helping of Formaggio Kitchen in Cambridge’s Aged Parmesan– YUM!

As you can tell from reading this blog I will A) Travel for food B) Am obsessed with food shopping C) Think about food all day long. In the spirit of traveling for both good food and drink here are the trips I am currently working on.

Nova Scotia, Canada

Not only do I LOVE smoked salmon but; J, A, and I have a friend K who goes to St. Francis Xavier and I am DYING to go visit her. Going out with K is always a blast and I know visiting her at her school and in her hometown of Halifax would be nothing short of a ridiculous experience. The beauty, the food, the people… I need to get to NS ASAP.


5 years ago I had the opportunity to visit the Cinque Terre in the off season and I am dying to get back to Italy on my own to do some more exploring. I LIVE for the wine, pasta, TRUFFLES, fashion, language and basically everything Italian. A co-worker of mine just returned from Italy and my jealousy is almost to much to contain.

While I loved the Cinque Terre, I am interested in seeing more of the Tuscany region, Milan and Venice. I actually would go anywhere and everywhere in Italy if possible and am hoping that I can get there in early 2011.

Napa Valley, CA

What can I say other than the fact that both wine and salt run constantly through my veins. It has been on my lust list for as long as I can remember and I am praying this year is the year for me.


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