An Ode to Fall and Wisteria

In Hollywood it’s always summer. Even when it is not summer it is summer. You can always run to the beach, no boots or salty cars necessary. On one hand, I love certain aspects of that weather but truly it isn’t for me. I love the idea of the seasons and the different apparel, food, decor, holidays, and scenery that come with it. Mid-August I decided that I was ready for all things Fall– especially the food and the clothes. Especially chunky sweaters and hot yummy meals.

In my endless series of daydreams I plan for the season to come and right now I am obsessing over making our (J and I) apartment ready for the change of season. I purchased a crock pot (it is awesome in any season), stocked up on the latest and greatest wool from J Crew and am currently working on an apartment makeover since Fall brings increased hours indoors as the sun begins to fade.

To begin my mission of apartment redecorating I turned to my trusted bloggers to inform me of the best and brightest for Fall. That is how I stumbled upon my new favorite friend Wisteria A mixture of Vintage and modern Wisteria fit the bill for what I wanted to change perfectly.

Below are the items I am coveting for our apartment:

Iron Kitchen Shelf and Spice Rack

As I pursue my interests in the kitchen, I have begun to accumulate a ton of spices. Some are in beautiful little canisters that sit buried in a cabinet where I have to take out 10 different items just to reach one. This amazing little shelf will be great to just store things on in the open for accessibility plus it looks fabulous.

Vintage Red Wooden Tray

While sold in a variety of colors these distressed trays are right up my alley. I enjoy blending modern and vintage and enjoy searching for special items. My Espresso wood coffee table needs a desperate makeover and I know this tray is going to be perfect. Easy to store it will bring just the right amount of color to Fall in my apartment.

Jewel Topped Glass Canisters

I love these glass bottles. I think they would look amazing with some different colored bath salts for the bathroom. My favorite look for accessories is when they are paired in groups of three. I have an incredibly small bathroom and think that these would be a great little accent on the top of my cabinet.

Iron Cookbook Stand

I just recently started making all of my own sauces and have found it to be extremely difficult to stir/chop while trying to pry open the pages of the cookbook with your stray elbow. I have been searching for a cookbook holder that is wide enough for some of my larger cookbooks that isn’t terribly ugly as I would want to leave it out on my counter. When I saw this one, I fell in love. I know it would be perfect for all of the fall cooking I have planned!

What are your top fall must haves?


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