Why I love Bethenny Frankel and her rise to business stardom

A woman that can go from a stint as the runner-up on The Apprentice: Martha Stewart to having 250,000 followers on Twitter, and 2 million people tune into the premiere of a reality show that documents solely her daily comings and goings is a genius business woman. Bethenny Frankel did not invent electricity or a secret formula that makes wrinkles painlessly disappear. Bethenny, astutely observed that women wanted alternatives to the comforting foods that live a lifetime on the hips. She did not invent the Margarita, she wasn’t even the first woman to figure out that some Rose’s lime juice mixed with Patron silver tastes good, but she was smart enough to realize that many women didn’t know and would be interested in trying a “skinny” version of their favorite calorie filled mixed drinks.

And so the Skinny Girl’s of the world created a cult-like following of all things Bethenny: books, yoga DVD’s, two Bravo TV shows, booze and an endless string of parties, promos, and talk shows. I have to hand it to Bethenny, she created a major business, brick by brick, proving that a girl with a loud mouth, VW bug, and a sometimes broken sensor on her mouth can still succeed. The underdog always comes out on top; and everyone loves an underdog.

I personally have tasted her Skinny Girl brand of Margaritas. And let me tell you, I drank two whole bottles from a solo cup on the beach in Falmouth. They were way better then I had expected and worth the $12.99 per bottle that I paid for them. I have not read any of Bethenny’s books but I have watched every single episode of both RHO:NY and BGM. I can even admit that I was sad when it came to the BGM season finale as I truly enjoyed watching the show.

Bethenny is smart, real, and a sarcastic bitch and all of those things I can relate to. Her humor does not always resonate with everyone and sometimes her filter is outrageously broken but I think every girl can relate to her drunken escapades, issues and search for someone to love. I know that I can.


2 thoughts on “Why I love Bethenny Frankel and her rise to business stardom

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