This Is Why You’re Fat: Office Style

I had been planning on sharing one of my favorite Bloggywood discoveries with you all for a while, when today, someone brought the Bacon Log to work as part of a goodbye lunch for a co-worker. When the mass email, alerting the office that lunch was served I can honestly say that I thought a mail bomb just exploded in my office. My male co-workers ran sprinted to the table that had the food being served.

The infamous bacon log:

While the one at work doesn’t look quite like that, you get the picture. This website is amazing. So amazing they even made a book out of it. This is the holy grail of gross and fatty fried goodness that unfortunately I want to eat. The mecca of sports food, bachelor parties and general unhealthy eating, the websites motto: “Where dreams become heart attacks” is really not an exaggeration.

Here is my roll-up of my favorite, “This is why you’re fat” foods:

The Snackstadium

Submitted by Scott Pham, the Snack Stadium boasts Guacamole field; cheese dip and salsa end zones; Slim Jim goal posts; sour cream yard markers; Ruffles, tortilla chips, Cheetos and Doritos for fans; vienna sausages with cheese helmets for players; rice crispy treat stadium; hot dogs with bacon separating the fans from the field. Now, that is a real football Sunday if you ask me!


No lies, that is this master creations name. Made of riblets individually wrapped in bacon stuffed with stuffing into a deboned chicken, wrapped in bacon stuffed with stuffing into a deboned duck, wrapped in bacon stuffed with stuffing into a deboned turkey, wrapped in woven bacon strips and slow cooked for 7 hours.(Submitted by Dan & Rafer)

The Meat Tank

The name says it all.

The Nike Burger

Anyone who has the creativity to make a legitimate hamburger in the shape of a sneaker has my vote.

The Jabili

Cookie bottom and cookie top, 9 inches. Layers of Hersey’s milk chocolate, Reese’s peanut butter cups, Twix, two layers of snickers and marshmallows all put together by peanut butter. (Submitted by Tim Robbie Luke)

And last but certainly not least:


This bad boy sweet sandwich consists of two slices of chocolate chip banana bread, with layers of Nutella, bananas, and marshmallow creme sandwiched in between, dipped in cake batter and deep-fried, then dipped in melted chocolate and rolled in toasted almonds and coconut.(Submitted by Pearl Hurst)

I wholeheartedly suggest you type as fast as possible and check out the entire fatty messy collection of gross over at


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