Bloggywood Lesson #2: Your future wedding is about to get Lillyfied

In honor of my trip to Falmouth, MA down on Cape Cod this weekend with M, I am going to share with you a well kept Preppy secret. It’s not a surprise that my J Crew and Madewell loving ways landed me in the uber- preppy and collegiate Boston surrounded by a group of Lilly Pulitzer and J Crew loving women. K, T and A—I am looking right at you guys!

To my dismay, it apparently is my destiny in life to be Lillyfied. Who knew that there was a whole set of bloggers out there who also love Lilly as much as the BU ADPi’s! So with delight I unveil Bloggywood Lesson #2:

The Lilly Pulitzer Wedding Collection! Who is screaming in their seat right now? I was when I saw these babies for the first time!

In late 2010, a variety of lucky Lilly fans will be able to purchase the ultra coveted first 12 styles of Lilly the Wedding, complete with subtle pink and green hues to match the most adorable wedding favors ever:

And to think, if I hadn’t ventured into Bloggywood I may never have known these existed!


3 thoughts on “Bloggywood Lesson #2: Your future wedding is about to get Lillyfied

  1. yes yes and yessss! I love your new blog, and I love you more! BTW that Lilly wedding collection will obviously be in my closet when it’s time for my nuptials later in life, which shouldn’t come as a surprise to you. Also, if you come visit me in NOLA you will see those Lilly tumblers, they are perfect for sangria, in case you were wondering. ❤ ❤ ❤

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