Let’s Play Ball: Bloggywood Style

As a newly converted in Red Sox fan and avid Fenway Frank enthusiast I have learned the vital and crucial importance of a cultivated batting order. While HGH eye drops may help David Ortiz, I prefer the sans steroids staples that comprise my order.  Every individual has a team of people waiting in the dugout ready to come out and whip the bat around for them. So you know the team that goes up the plate for me, below is the batting roster of my own personal support team.

 Up First is M. Sorority sister from another mother, M will literally do anything and say anything to protect me. Even if it is a swing and a miss she is always there with a smile, hold my hand and make me laugh at the most ridiculous things. Her enthusiasm is always inspiring even when it is being concentrated on planning her 24th birthday 6 months in advance. Love you M <>

 Second in the order is Little. Ironically, Little is way bigger than me. She actually is so tall and beautiful that she looks down on my little blond head. My Little is a one of a kind individual who learns how to play the game as she goes. If she doesn’t know it she always figures it out so that she can be there for me. Her support and unfailing friendship inspires me to be a better person and a  better BIG.

 Coming up on deck batting third is an unusually cute and scrappy weasel, my fur baby Charlie. Sold me to me as a clearance puppy she is the world’s best listener and snuggler. By far the fastest dog at our park she whips even the Great Dane’s into shape. Nothing is better than coming home to my little baby snuggled in her red bed causing trouble.

 Next batting fourth is J. You already met him when he refused me cheesy bread under the claim that it is bad for my cholesterol which is abnormally high for a 20 –something. J and I have been together forever, known each other since we were 8 years old at summer camp and is the best friend a girl could ever have. Cheerleader, tear cleaner, TV and snuggle buddy; J is always the one that will do and say anything to make me smile. From our first kiss under the disco ball to Mya’s “Ghetto Superstar” in 1999 he has always been the one for me. You all may even get a guest post from J—haha what a stretch. But seriously, he is awesome and counteracts all of my insanity with his sarcastic humor. I love you J!

 Fifth is by far my oldest supporter and cheerleader for all of my many epic failures and significant wins: Mim. Dubbed that name in the Cartman from South Park voice, “But MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIM” she is always there to listen to my constant string of complaints and ridiculous rants and countless nights of the beer tears. Gotta love your Mom because they always still love you, even when you get really loaded on Sour Apple Martinis and cry uncontrollably In her ear. Thanks for everything Mim!

 Up sixth is my Twinny, whose blog inspired me to blog, T. She is fearless, spunky and will bowling ball a grapefruit and vodka into your face if you really deserve it. Sister for life, partner in crime by choice, T is always there with a ridiculous anecdote and a constant string of text messages and BBM’s. Living in the Big Apple now, I miss my T tons and tons. Go on over to her blog and check it out!

 Seventh is my intellectual debate partner, A. As J’s best friend/brother he is a consistent pull-out couch surfer and regular sleep over buddy at our apartment. A and I could debate the principles of Avatar, politics and  the comfort level supplied by Clarks Wallabee’s for hours and sometimes it gets pretty heated.  An aspiring writer I am sure you will see A’s awesome short stories grace this blog and hear about his incredibly availability to drunkenly fall asleep on command. Going out at night with J and A is like taking Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum to candy store and letting them loose with an unlimited budget.  Chaos ensues.

 Up eighth is another menagerie of dogs, Maddie the black lab, Stella the obese “oompa loompa chica” puggle, and Marmite the weirdest looking dog with a club foot. As my parents’ dogs and my childhood friends these crazy pups are nothing short of entertaining. In a group effort they managed to heist 5 lbs of granola off of the kitchen counter and eat every last pound. I am sure you can imagine the results of that debacle.

And batting clean-up is B. As my co-worker three years ago, B told me she thought she was going to hate me when she met me. That subsequently made me cry and I’ll never let her forget it. No matter what I need, B is always there even when she is all the way in Indiana. Growing up in Disney she may be the only person on the planet with a Minnie Mouse obsession quite like mine (more on that later). Her friendship is amazing and a cherished part of my life. Thanks B for deciding you didn’t hate me and wanted to give me a shot. I think it was worth it 🙂

Those are all the players that helped make my journey through Bloggywood possible. Thanks to my awesome batting order we are a wicked awesome team.


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