Guilty Pleasure Thursday

I have many random  wonderful interests. Some are truly odd (like grocery shopping) and others are much more typical (reading) and some are really just guilty and shameful. Two of my favorite sordid pleasures occur on Thursdays so in honor of those two events, here are my top 5 guilty pleasures that I know you all share.

1. US Weekly

Two years ago I caved into the annoying cardboard slips tacked inside my magazine and splurged for the yearly subscription. BEST MOVE EVER. Every Thursday I know that after work I have a small slice of trashy heaven waiting in my mailbox. My best friend Relax Riesling from Trader Joe’s (as I commonly refer to it, Trader Jose’s) pore over the pages, exited over the pages and pages of major BS. True or False, it doesn’t matter. I will always love US Weekly anyway.

2. The Real Housewives & Bethenny Getting Married (NY and NJ only)

 If you can honestly tell me from the deepest part of your heart that a grown adult woman whipping a hair ball out of her purse and claiming it was ripped out by an 18 year old after both of her heels fell off, then I honestly don’t think we can be friends. From the absolutly ridiculous to the mental instituion gone escaped to Scary Island, nothing, I repeat nothing, is better TV. Bravo, I applaud you on your sheer ridiculousness and the enjoyment that you bring me every week. The insanity of it all truly makes me feel normal which is a VERY rare occurence in my life. I also, must admit that being from East Hampton, NY originally makes me love RHO:NY so much more since I have personally met all of these women and can attest that they truly are a pack of locas on the loose.

3. Cheesy Bread from Dominos Pizza

By far my most foul guilty pleasure, the art of cheesy bread has been perfected over 5 years starting after my first college party and the love affair is still not over. When my boyfriend, J, asks me what I want for take-out from my other boyfriend, Campus Food, I always respond with “Cheesy Bread” to which his response is, “EW! NO!”. My obsession is not only guilty, its downright gross and unhealthy. I have been working on breaking up with Cheesy Bread but my incredible number of accrued Campus Food Reward Dollars available for use at Dominos keeps me coming back for more.

4. Cosmopolitans

Overplayed by Sex and the City, I feel like a total poser ordering these yummy concoctions but 9 times out of 10 I would order a cosmo if I could. At my favorite restaurant in Beverly Hills, Mastros Steakhouse the house cosmo served over dry ice takes delicious alcohol to a new level. In honor of another favorite TV personality of mine, Chelsea Handler, the vodka is crisp and sweet and goes down like water. Cosmopolitan, I love thee.


On a flight with my favorite airline Jet Blue that also doubles as the bain of my existence, I fell in love with a show called House Hunters. I am OBSESSED with kitchens/ real estate/ getting a place to live that is bigger than 600 square feet so this show found a way into my heart. J hates it, thinks its ridiculous that I like to watch people look at real estate but I love it. Obsessed is a better term. Try watching sometime, you will love it. I promise!


2 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasure Thursday

  1. Lol, love it. Especially when you mix some of those things together, like cheesy bread DURING Real Housewives/Bethenny as you thumb through a tabloid between commercials.

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