Bloggywood Lesson #1:If it has four legs and can type, speak and host a blog; Don’t mess with it

Now as an avid pet lover, I do believe my dog is special. She sleeps in my bed at night under the covers, head on the pillow, has 3 dog beds, eats leftovers from restaurants and generally is one pampered pooch. I used to think that I was an escapee from an insane asylum and when home alone, I would talk to my little Schnoodle in a baby voice while feeding her from a fork.

The first week in Bloggywood taught me that really, I am a normal pet owner. My antics straddle the line of insanity but really, what normal person doesn’t constantly struggle to be on the good side? There is a whole sector of the blogosphere out there where pets can speak, write, blog, make Vlogs on You Tube, and review pet products. The cats say things like “I can haz cheezburger” and “Me like catnip and kittehhh tunnels”. Those are not fake phrases people. These cats can talk… with accents.

Not only can these cats type and blog, they can also take pictures of themselves and get really angry at you when you doubt their legitimacy as a feline. They also get quite angry when you deny them a Big Mac or a Whopper which are feline favorites.

The dog blogs are also pretty interesting. Dogs however are not as adept in specialty accents. Primarily, they like to talk about water bowls and dog houses and about their specialty, licking. If I have learned anything about dogs and cats since May it is that they are truly fickle animals. They want what they want when they want it. My rule of thumb is that if it has four legs and can type, speak and blog; Don’t mess with it!


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